Residential Care for Persons with Intellectual Disability


A residential care unit caring to the intellectually disabled and spastic inmates, is situated at Vinayagapuram, Chennai. This facility has a capacity to accommodate up to 50 inmates. We presently have around 35 beneficiaries at this location. The inmates are bequeathed with clothing, food, shelter, life skill training, daily activities, physical and mind related training and periodical check-ups with follow up treatment. The regular therapeutic sessions include physiotherapy, vocational training and special education with personal mentoring.

A number of recreational activities those include outings to beach, children’s park, sports and cultural events are also part of their life aimed to encourage their connect to happiness.We aim to create a sense of belonging while encouraging the inmates to discover new aspects of their lives. The regular playtime for the inmates is sight worth seeing owing to the boundless joy that fills the air.


Our inmates are offered a number of facilities such as:

  • Food, Shelter & Clothing
  • Medical Care
  • Training and Therapies
  • Recreational facilities


The children in Samarpana enjoy a 12000sq.ft, home of which around 7150sq.ft is the living area and 3000sq.ft is covered by the various activity and therapy centres for the children. The flower gardens that surround the main building are a place cherished by the inmates for the breeze carry a great sense of calm and freshness.

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Home for Mentally Challenged and Spastics

No.10, Subramani Nagar, Vinayagapuram, Kolathur, Chennai - 600099.